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Resource Optimization

Ensure resources support student success and are strategically expended toward the highest and best value in program, service and support delivery.

Ensure resources are expended toward the highest, best value in programs, services and administration functions. Baker Tilly’s resource optimization professionals help clients optimize their resources strategically in highly competitive and heavily scrutinized environments.

    In an increasingly competitive and scrutinized environment, organizations must ensure funding sources, talent and other resources are expended toward the highest value. This scrutiny – from regulators and stakeholders alike – requires additional assurance that each dollar invested is in alignment with mission priorities and supports overall cost containment.

    Clients count on Baker Tilly to ensure a return for every dollar invested.

    We examine the following to help you determine the highest and best use of every resource allocated:

    • Cost containment strategy and implementation
    • Organizational structure and workflow design
    • Service and program demand trends
    • Cost and return on investment trends and benchmarking
    • Staff (sp) capacity and optimal resource modeling
    • Stakeholder experience metrics
    • Operational and process efficiency
    • Facility maximization
    • Feasibility of alternative service delivery arrangements (e.g., shared service, co-sourcing, third party partnerships)
    • Application of industry and service approach trends and best practices
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    Transforming for affordability and student success

    Higher education institutions face increasing demands to change their business models. Top of mind for government officials, administrators, parents, and students is the need to reduce the cost of a degree and the amount of student debt. At the same time, students are coming to college with higher expectations and greater needs.

    The Baker Tilly strategic review was the best money that we ever spent.
    President of a major college
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    Affordability: Traversing the tightrope between student outcome expectations and fiscal constraints

    Institutions are facing new pressure to decrease tuition while maintaining positive student outcomes. The current higher education environment is challenged by a variety of internal and external factors, including heightened scrutiny, competition, and changing expectations.

    Private research institution undergoes sponsored projects financial operations review to improve FFR reporting process
    Case Study

    Private research institution undergoes sponsored projects financial operations review to improve FFR reporting process