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Supply Chain Analytic & Financial Solutions

Understanding and properly leveraging your data to improve the visibility and sustainability of your supply chain is essential to sustain and grow your business.

Supply Chain Analytic & Financial Solutions

  1. Cory Wendt

    Cory R. Wendt


A manufacturer’s poor understanding of key operational data and a lack of supply chain analytics is a common roadblock to success.

    Is your business struggling to use data effectively?

    Manufacturers are inundated with an overabundance of data across many dimensions. Many manufacturing leaders don’t know what data they have, how to access it, how to keep it organized in an effective way and how to protect it. Baker Tilly’s supply chain, manufacturing, and financial analytics services can help your organization solve many business challenges, including:

    Chart of the ways Baker Tilly can help your business make use of data to effectively solve challenges

    To leverage your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs), you must first manage your data. Baker Tilly can help design your workflow to effectively capture data and fortify your differentiation in the marketplace.

    Benefits for management

    Drilling down on data unique to your company allows you to measure your performance and variances in: sales, customer analytics, accounts receivable, manufacturing variance and geospatial analytics.

    We work side-by-side with manufacturers to streamline operations through supply chain visibility with the following key benefits:

    • Automates financial report generation with real-time data
    • Reports can be refreshed and accessed at any desired timeframe
    • Flexibility to sort by specific time intervals, product groups and divisions
    • Encourages interactivity across finance, accounting and operational teams through one common reporting platform
    • Gives leadership access to critical performance data from anywhere, on any device at any time
    • Enhances your ability to perform “what if” analyses through robust capabilities
    • Enables you to tailor procedures based on relevant risks and root information
    • Serves as a functional tool to solve operational challenges
    • Helps identify outliers by boiling down millions of transactions into a “one look” scatter plot
    • Presents granular insight into the business — including where the company makes its money (months, regions, products)
    • Prioritizes potential profit centers or your desired future asset base
    • Overlaps market price with unit prices to demonstrate premium over/under market
    • Visible supply chain represents information as it flows through the company
    • Measures year-over-year performance and KPIs
    • Achieves effective sales and operational planning (fulfillment, forecasting, sourcing)
    Data transfers from one point to another providing analytics for decision makers

    The data-driven manufacturer

    Reading this e-book will prepare you to engage in productive conversations with internal staff and external business advisors about strategies for maintaining and protecting key data. A company focused on making data-driven decisions will be well positioned to unlock insights about its employees, operations, products, services, and customers – and, as a result, take advantage of new opportunities.

    Benefits of data analytics approach

    Your organization relies on information to successfully manage the business, better understand customers, market your brands, monitor the competition and satisfy regulatory requirements. Baker Tilly’s visual analytics services combine data from your disparate existing data sources — such as operations, accounting, ERP and third-party systems (payroll, freight, etc.) — into one common reporting platform.

    This gives you access to large data sets at consolidated levels with the ability to drill down into transaction-level insights as needed.

    As you gain a better understanding of how information flows through the company, you will be better able to gain valuable insights that help you achieve high performance results quickly and cost effectively for better manufacturing intelligence.

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    Case study

    Baker Tilly specialists help food and beverage industry management teams focus on and prioritize the potential profit centers within their current business or their desired future asset base.