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Community Health Needs Assessments

Your community health needs assessment is the key to engaging your community and developing strategies that reduce disparities and build long-lasting partnerships.

Community Health Needs Assessments

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Our healthcare team understands the complexities of the industry and will help you collect the right data to transform your research into strategy.

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A community health needs assessment (CHNA) is a vital planning tool to guide community health improvement efforts, inform population health management and enhance your care delivery model.

Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment is an essential first step in community health improvement. By defining the community you serve and identifying health needs, disparities, and existing resources, you will enhance your care model to improve quality and value. This intersection will create an effective collaboration maximizing the impact on population health.

Baker Tilly’s strategic approach to community health needs assessment helps you:

  • Maximize your resources by focusing on priority health issues
  • Understand healthcare utilization patterns and identify underserved populations
  • Inform your population health strategies
  • Create an action plan that captures measureable outcomes
  • Compare your community and hospitals to others across the state and nation
  • Develop and strengthen long-term, collaborative partnerships
  • Enhance your care model to improve quality and value

Ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act requirements, providing expert guidance on tax and community benefit reporting, including Form 990 and Schedule H

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Accounting for community benefit and evaluating the impact of your implementation plan

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Hospital loses federal tax exemption after failure to conduct CHNA

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From CHNA to population health: Moving from your needs assessment to population health management

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CHNAs: Getting more value for your hospital and community in round two