Center for the Return of Manufacturing

Our mission

Center for the Return of Manufacturing CFRM

The Center for the Return of Manufacturing's (CFRM) mission is to anticipate, guide and directly assist U.S.-based and foreign owned manufacturing companies in returning jobs to the U.S. and simultaneously, unlocking export opportunities abroad; as well as helping companies who ship across international borders manage regulations to stay in compliance and shipments that don’t get held at the border. The result: the return of manufacturing to the U.S. and to our communities as a coveted place of employment, bolstered by the goal of a return of investment for both manufacturers and the community.

Benefits from our experienced team:

  • Pressure for companies to digitize their supply chain in order to compete in a “need it now” consumer driven economy.
  • An uncertain trade compliance landscape that could hold shipments at the border, result in fines, or impact your bottom line.
  • Increasing protectionism that could influence what products you sell and the supply chain needed to support the flow of goods.
  • Where climate change and sustainability are forcing companies to reconsider the nature of global supply chains and its impact on the environment.
  • The community of manufacturers – the doers and the difference-makers – is at an inflection point in the resurgence of manufacturing in the United States.
  • Restoring balance and global competitiveness which hinges on experienced hands to serve and guide manufacturers in reshaping their future.
  • The Center for the Return of Manufacturing (CFRM) as the leading resource placing you in control of your manufacturing future.

The Center for the Return of Manufacturing offers in-depth planning, implementation and tailored business solutions to help manufacturers looking to grow, relocate and/or repatriate operations in response to macro-level changes in policy, trade and taxation.

    Additional CFRM resources and information

    We offer industry research and thoughtful insights into the manufacturing industry. If you are looking to locate a facility within the U.S., we encourage you to look at every opportunity to finance projects leveraging government incentives. Our team of experienced professionals are here to assist you.

    The New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) program provides tax credits for investment into operating businesses and development projects located in qualifying "distressed" communities. You will find more information here.

    To determine if your site is eligible, use our NMTC mapping tool and talk with us. Our NMTC professionals are ready to assist you in your site selection and project financing pursuits.

    Interactive opportunity zones map: Use this interactive map to search the complete list of Qualified Opportunity Zones and the form below the map to connect with our Opportunity Zones specialists about your project, business or investment.