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Mobility & Transportation Company Coronavirus Resources

Mobility & Transportation Company Coronavirus Resources

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Plan for now and tomorrow

The automotive and mobility industry is facing unprecedented change and global supply chain disruption … and the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is no exception.

COVID-19 will impact every aspect of the supply chain — from Tier 3 suppliers to OEMs to manufacturing plants, supplier networks, distribution centers and customers.

And because the global automotive industry imports more than $30 billion in parts from China, it’s inevitable that companies across the multitier supply chain will also need to fill gaps and make tough decisions around procurement, production, safety, revenue and customer needs.

Baker Tilly’s automotive and mobility specialists have the expertise to help you find opportunities for evolution in an environment filled with doubt and confusion. Our advisory, assurance and tax service solutions can help your company:

  • Evaluate alternative sourcing for parts and materials across geographies
  • Increase risk and safety precautions
  • Mitigate distribution, logistics and transportation challenges
  • Pivot operations and capabilities to help fight the crisis
  • Establish COVID-19 customer response teams
  • Manage inventory and cash flow
  • Perform costing analyses and revenue forecasting
  • Research and respond to changing consumer habits
  • Build a resilient supply chain and logistics network
  • Expand or grow operations, both in the U.S. and abroad
  • Leverage alternative capital and project financing sources
  • Manage global trade successfully
  • Optimize production and/or distribution capacity
  • Meet search and staffing demands
  • Make informed decisions with business intelligence and data analytics
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Address the impact of COVID-19 on tax returns and financial statements
  • Navigate a remote working environment with innovative software and technology tools
  • Transition to e-commerce
  • Outsource accounting or payroll needs

It’s unclear how widespread or long lasting the ripple effect of COVID-19 will be for the automotive industry, but Baker Tilly is here every step of the way to help you navigate, respond to and succeed in the changing environment.

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