In an increasingly competitive and scrutinized environment, the ability to assure funding sources and organizational stakeholders that resources are expended toward highest value is a requirement.

Regulators and stakeholders are seeking assurance that each dollar invested is optimized to its highest potential, and is in alignment with mission priorities and overall cost containment.  Our clients benefit from our help in assessing all functions within the organization.  We  examine the following to determine the highest and best use of each and every resource allocated:

  • Administrative cost containment
  • Organizational structure and workflow
  • Service and program demand trends
  • Staffing level, type and competency analysis
  • Total cost per program and function
  • Staffing  capacity and optimization modeling
  • Stakeholder experience metrics
  • Operational and process efficiency
  • Facility maximization
  • Feasibility studies

The intersection of financial, operational, and mission success will transform organizations for sustainability and success into the future.

Our Take

image of Christine M. Smith

"We help organizations to remain competitive and sustainable, and ensure mission success by offering “in-demand” programs and services at the lowest cost feasible without impacting program integrity or service quality."

— Christine M. Smith Managing Director