Baker Tilly Annual report 2022 | Where we’re going

Where we’re going

Scaling up

We are on the move. In the last five years, we have doubled our workforce, expanded our footprint nationally and internationally, and secured our position as a top 10 advisory CPA firm in the United States. All while maintaining diversified service offerings: consulting, assurance and tax.

Our growth is intentional and driven by our strategy. Every decision we make revolves around us creating scale and building our intellectual capital to remain a relevant and sustainable organization. This is the way forward and it resonates throughout our organization. Every single day.

We will harness the collective talent of our people to deliver the unexpected for our clients.

We will invest in the long term with the technology and innovation necessary to keep us at the leading edge of disruption.

We will utilize combinations, choosing not just any opportunity but the right opportunities — to deepen geographic roots, bolster scale and strengthen our capabilities.

In 2022, the moves we made pushed us forward. Momentum will take us even further.

Steady climb

We stood strong for the second year in a row in the top 10 of Inside Public Accounting’s list of the biggest firms in the U.S. At $1.3 billion in revenue, Baker Tilly also ranked as the sixth fastest-growing firm in the Top 100. Since 2000, Baker Tilly has grown nearly 300% through strategic combinations and strong organic growth.

Baker Tilly’s net revenue is calculated at the end of its fiscal year, which ends May 31.

The power of combinations is people

Our clients’ needs are complex and evolving at light speed. To stay ahead of this pace, Baker Tilly’s playbook is quite simple: Our purpose as an organization is to unleash and amplify talent.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, the most valuable aspect is always people. The intellectual capital. The talent. The leadership.

In the last three years, we have completed 19 successful combinations. In 2022 alone, we welcomed more than 700 team members through seven strategic deals.

We embrace these organizations and look to learn from them. Of the last 19 combinations, 11 of their leaders now hold enterprise-level leadership roles within Baker Tilly.

Talented people with exponential potential to enhance and protect our clients’ value. Now that’s a powerful combination.

It's about the talent: Meet Jonny Burke

Jonny Burke, Baker Tilly team member

Jonny Burke was with Vanilla just nine months when the U.K.-based consultancy and celebrated IFS software implementer combined with Baker Tilly in May 2022.  

The self-described foodie, sci-fi cinema aficionado and world’s best uncle came to the company straight from the manufacturing industry, where he led enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations using IFS software throughout the organization. This work took him all over the world. 

Happily, for us, Jonny now shares his incredible experience and expertise with Baker Tilly. His skills and talent, as well as simply who he is, are why Baker Tilly takes such a human-centric approach to mergers and acquisitions. 

“Jonny understands the driving force behind customer requirements and can offer simple solutions to complex problems,” said Baker Tilly Digital Director Paul Darwin. “More than that, he is people focused, experienced and enthusiastic, which is why he is a great coach to his team and an excellent role model to the wider consulting group.” 

Although Jonny relishes his technical client-facing work, he brings that same enthusiasm and care toward helping his team members. 

“The Vanilla – Baker Tilly combination created so much opportunity,” he explained. “Helping people grow and develop is a real passion of mine. When you have someone who takes the time to coach you and open doors, it can change your career. In fact, it can change your life.” 

Jonny, too, plans to take advantage of the new learning and development opportunities at Baker Tilly, with his sights set on more strategy and leading high-profile projects. 

“The sky’s the limit!” Jonny exclaimed. 

In the digital transformation space, it’s imperative we have passionate and knowledgeable team members, like Jonny, to help guide our clients — to give them the support through the change, to teach and coach them — and leave their organization better than when we found it.
Ann Blakely, Principal and Baker Tilly Digital Practice Leader
Ann E. Blakely