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Making valuations that inform decisions

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Valuation is about more than quantifying the intrinsic worth of an asset or business. We integrate corporate finance, accounting and market research to help businesses balance opportunity with risk. As specialists, not generalists, our valuations are free of conflicts of interest and in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.


In product recall we may need to consider competitive analysis and in-depth market analysis to value the wider impact of the recall. Whereas a personal injury claim for a business owner may involve valuing their business to ascertain what they have lost as a result of the incident.

Financial lines

Valuation comes into play across many areas including directors and officers, political risk, surety bonds, trade credit and cyber liability. Here the underlying events may have caused either a total destruction or a diminution of business value, which we measure by comparing the value of the business before and after the event.


We apply our valuation expertise across disputes as diverse as shareholder and partnership or investment treaty. We may, for example, make a complex assessment of what a public company would have been worth if the directors had not made a certain decision, or prepare a simpler valuation in the emotionally charged environment of a dissolved partnership. 

Corporate consulting

Valuation is critical in corporate consulting. We may conduct customer lifetime analyses to determine a company’s most profitable customers now and in the future, or calculate the cost of capital as part of financial analysis in a regulated industry. In all cases, we help business executives make better decisions.

Transaction advisory

Transaction advisory services draw heavily on our valuation expertise. We may value a business so a company can make a well-informed acquisition decision, provide valuation-driven strategic advice to better understand risk parameters, structure a financial transaction, or many other