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Sydney, Australia

Baker Tilly Sydney

Baker Tilly’s diverse team of highly qualified independent forensic accountants provide insightful financial analyses to our broad base of legal, corporate and insurance clients.

For nearly two decades, our engagements in Sydney, across Australia and throughout Asia Pacific have spanned a broad spectrum of industries, including mining, construction, manufacturing, retail and power generation. This has given our professionals the necessary experience to assist our clients in all commercial and litigated matters, with an understanding of the particular nuances and complexities in each case.

Who we help


We help insurance companies understand the true economic value of major claims. Our ‘one firm’ global approach, and willingness to put boots on the ground wherever needed, ensures that we comprehensively understand the full implications of an event.


Leading law firms the world over engage us to bring our expert knowledge to bear on difficult cases where damages are disputed. We work thoroughly yet efficiently and present our findings in a compelling manner that stands up under the most rigorous scrutiny.


Public and private companies appreciate the depth of our understanding of how business works, both within and across industries. Combined with our truly global approach, responsive structure and independence, this gives us a real edge in providing value-added services to our corporate clients.

How we help


In quantifying a disputed amount or a financial loss, we question the underlying assumptions, identify the relevant issues and thoroughly examine the detail. Our depth and breadth of industry experience and commercial acumen enables us to really understand whether the numbers make sense and will stand up under the toughest scrutiny.


We conduct manual and technological investigations of data and events to determine what actually occurred and how this impacts a financial outcome. For each particular set of circumstances, we apply the most appropriate and efficient investigative approach.


Valuation is about more than quantifying the intrinsic worth of an asset or business. We integrate corporate finance, accounting and market research to help businesses balance opportunity with risk. As specialists, not generalists, our valuations are free of conflicts of interest and in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.