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Quantifying numbers that stand up to scrutiny

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In quantifying a disputed amount or a financial loss, we question the underlying assumptions, identify the relevant issues and thoroughly examine the detail. Our depth and breadth of industry experience and commercial acumen enables us to really understand whether the numbers make sense and will stand up under the toughest scrutiny. 


We need to fully understand how a business operates and what drives its sales and profitability in order to quantify a property claim. For example, what was the true impact of a fire in a business interruption claim? For construction, we identify what building costs were actually incurred prior to a claim event or measure what would have happened had start-up occurred as planned in a delayed start-up claim.


Liability/casualty claims can involve an individual in the case of personal injury/fatal accident, a business in professional liability or an entire supply chain in product recall. In order to quantify a claim we examine the information, determine what else we need to know and, in many instances, consider future impacts as well as past events. 

Financial lines

The way we quantify financial lines claims varies considerably. Political risk and cyber-attack claims may require us to quantify the resulting loss of profits. In trade credit claims we often delve deep into accounts receivable documentation. Whereas in crime and fidelity claims we might need to measure the extent of theft carried out by a rogue employee. 


The overarching approach is similar across most disputes – we need to understand the issues and quantify the amount of loss suffered. Our analysis may range from ascertaining the effects of a lack of finance on the progress of a key project to complex financial modelling of the impact of a breach of contract involving many customers.

Corporate consulting

We analyze business data to inform better business decisions in a number of contexts. For instance, to quantify a claim relating to a regulated utility we would employ forensic accounting and economics to unravel the pricing mechanism adopted. To gain market or wallet share, we would employ data analytics and visualizations to identify specific customer opportunities.

Crisis claims consulting

An experienced provider of independent forensic accounting advice, acting in the mutual best interests of both the insurer and the policyholder. Assisting in the efficient quantification of the claim from initial notification to settlement, including independent verification of the amounts involved and the overall swifter resolution of claims.

Forensic investigation

In order to quantify damages we usually need to access the source documentation. Where there have been attempts to hide or delete information, for example in fraud, corruption or money laundering claims, our forensic technologists may be called in to recreate the information. They are also adept at efficiently analyzing large quantities of data across a multitude of electronic devices.

Transaction advisory

An in-depth knowledge of business process is essential to establish quantum in due diligence, merger and acquisition assignments. Further to this, real industry understanding helps us road test assumptions and ensure we are applying the right methodologies to inform major decisions.