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Putting people first with wellness

Doing well by our team members

Pet reimbursement benefits

Our comprehensive wellness resources, learning events focused on well-being and built-in time to unplug and recharge help our team members put their best foot forward.

Our wellness benefits include:

  • Fitness reimbursement - Our Wellness Reimbursement policy encourages personal health and wellness of our team members and their families by providing financial support for fitness facility memberships, classes or home fitness equipment. Through this program, team members can be reimbursed for items including bikes, weight-loss programs, race fees, smoking cessation programs, national park passes and more.
  • Virtual and at-home fitness - Team members and their families can participate in free virtual health and fitness classes through Burnalong. Designed to meet our team members where they are on their wellness journey, the platform offers live and on-demand classes as well as healthy eating plans and recipes.
  • Mental health and self-care - Mental health support is available to all team members through the Ginger app, which provides coaching via text-based chats and self-care activities. These resources are available 24/7 and are completely confidential.
  • Pet reimbursement - We recognize the therapeutic power of pets, so we reimburse team members for adoption fees of any animal from a shelter or animal care facility.

Silver Lineups and Disconnect Days

To reinforce these offerings, we also host Silver Lineup virtual events throughout the year, designed to improve the health of mind, body and spirit. Topics include building healthy nutrition habits, energy management and mental mastery, and yoga for relaxation and mindfulness.

We also recognize that a key ingredient for wellness is time — unplugged, away from the office. Our unlimited time off policy, My Time Off, ensures our people have the time they need to find balance, spend time with family and friends, and pursue passions and interests outside of work.

Finally, our entire firm collectively unplugs from work on designated Disconnect Days, which ensure our team members can enjoy a three-day weekend each month.