Business professional examines data on tablet

Preparation is the name of the game

Nicole Criley

Senior Manager Nikki Criley believes preparation is the name of the game.

With a nationwide footprint and combinations that regularly grow our teams and our network, Nikki works with risk and legal teams to assemble and manage safety and security systems to communicate effectively in the event of an emergency.

She and her team guided the implementation of an emergency communications tool which notifies affected team members about critical events via text, email or desktop notification.

She also takes on responses to data breaches, whether a compromised password or a lost laptop, to ensure we have a structured approach to assessing the scope of the breach and mitigating risk.

“Keeping our people safe, whether that means digitally, financially or physically, is all part of the work our team is proud to do,” said Nikki. “That’s our job, so that our people can do their jobs.”