Our purpose | Unleash and amplify talent

Our purpose

Unleash and amplify talent

In 2022, we took the bold step of declaring our firm’s purpose: to unleash and amplify talent. Fueled by the clarity we gained after two years of pivoting to navigate through the pandemic, our purpose emerged. We put our people — the source of all the good we do for our clients and communities — at the core of our organization. And we dug deeper to identify more ways we can support their success.

Unleash and amplify talent means helping our people discover their strengths and make them stronger. It means helping them sharpen their skills, deepen their knowledge, explore possibilities and soar to personal heights at Baker Tilly. To do this, we will knock down barriers, eliminate obstacles and champion learning opportunities. We will give our people the trust they deserve and the support they need to be their best.

This is our purpose. This is why we exist as an organization. Together, we are determined to make Baker Tilly all it can be and to further the talent, experience and sense of fulfillment of our people. We make every day, every season and every year filled with purpose in our work, our relationships and our conduct.

Soccer player running after the ball

Living his passion

2022 brought a lifelong dream to reality for Baker Tilly Director Corey Parker, who embraced our firm’s flexibility and core value of passion at the FIFA World Cup.

The creativity of our people — all 6,500 team members — is fueling our innovation and leading the way in a world of disruption, opportunity and change.

In 2022, we turbocharged an intentional and iterative pathway with a virtual innovation platform, open to all, that has sourced hundreds of ideas from team members across our organization.

Those ideas have galvanized, yielding initiatives that are advancing our purpose to unleash and amplify talent, break the public accounting profession mold and rethink how we deliver value to our clients.

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Tomorrow’s opportunities, today

In 2022, our team members learned through experiences and relationships, including structured mentorship and development opportunities for people of color and leaders on the rise. 

Team members seeking new horizons learned new skills, stretched their wings and found new careers within our firm, supported by our internal career mobility program. 

And international secondees traveled the world to experience new cultures and make new connections through placement at other firms within our global Baker Tilly network. 

Undergirding our team member-driven development journey, our transparent approach to everything from promotion to compensation to team structure ensures that our people understand their opportunities and the actions they can take to continue advancing and excelling at our firm.