Baker Tilly Annual report 2022 | How we do it | Innovation

How we do it

Setting the pace

No one is immune to change. Not our clients. Not us. In today’s quickly evolving business world — and especially in our profession — keeping pace with change is essential. At Baker Tilly, we don’t just want to keep the pace. We want to set it.

Our strategy points us in the right direction. But when it comes to steering and shifting intensity where and when we need to, we have the wheel. That’s how we respond to profound economic, social and technological forces at work. This ability also gives us the greatest opportunity in public accounting: To look beyond our sphere. Rewrite the rules. Inspire. Break the mold.

Throughout 2022, we were laser-focused on our strategy. Here you’ll find examples of how we took on technology, disruption, business models, globalization, client expectations and innovation — setting the pace for our next course.

Our strategy requires us to run our business while, at the same time, reinvent it. This demands we dream big and think bold, seek better ways and discover what is possible. That is progress. That is Baker Tilly.
Jacqueline J. Wiggins, Principal and Chief Strategy Officer
Jacque Wiggins