ESG is not a checkbox

ESG is not a checkbox

It’s not cookie cutter. Nor is it one size fits all. And by no means is it a task to just check off your list. ESG is an opportunity to reveal what’s important to our organization. It’s rooted in who we are.

At Baker Tilly, we are authentic, transparent and forward-thinking. We reflect our core values and recognize where we are on our ESG journey. In 2022, we set off to make ESG official and formalize our intentions.

The foundation of our ESG strategy is solid, and now is our opportunity to expand.

Internally, we empowered E, S and G teams to set and meet goals that enhance what we already do and ignite what we should be doing. For our clients, we concentrated our collective expertise on creating custom solutions spanning the ESG life cycle. We covered strategy, reporting and everything in between.

We are walking the walk with our clients. We are listening and discovering what is right for our organization and for theirs. That shared commitment — that shared experience — is real and creates trust.

For example, one of our clients is publicly known for its environmental and social causes. Like us, they also wanted to consolidate under one ESG strategy. Another client engaged our energy transition team to bring electric buses and STEM education to schoolchildren.

Throughout this report, you will see how ESG permeates Baker Tilly with a solid foundation made up of our core values: belonging, collaboration, integrity, passion and stewardship.

We are positioned to make a difference inside and outside our organization, with the understanding that everyone’s path is unique to them. That is how we’ll truly make a difference for our clients, our communities and our planet Beyond Tomorrow™.

I am proud and humbled to be a part of it.