Environmental: a new starting line


A new starting line

Our environmental journey takes two parallel paths: one well-trodden, the other subtly imprinted, both converging under environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Services and solutions 

Symbolic of our overall ESG initiation, how we help our clients reach their own goals is a story of inventory and innovation. Historically, environmental-related services resided in pockets throughout our organization — from navigating tax rebates to guiding energy resources transitions. In 2022, we counted stock and collaborated on ways it all would work together for our clients.

Through this discovery process, we leaned on our innovative nature and created a strategic path for clients. Not a cookie-cutter menu of services, but a custom, scaled road map that meets our clients where they are in their ESG journey — and then gets them there. That path could be starting from scratch, maturing a program or transparent reporting.

Using our Value Architect™ mindset, our clients benefit from the collective knowledge and passions of our people.

From the ground up

Internally, our E in ESG is one step past the starting line. Over the years, environmental activities popped up in small ways locally: basic recycling rules, pushes to eliminate single-use plastics, paper waste-reduction awareness. Grassroots efforts that stayed grassroots.

In 2022, we officially recognized environmental as a gap in our internal ESG plans — and set to do something about it.

In April, we reignited our existing Environmental Sustainability Team Member Network, whose members share their interest and knowledge in their online community. Elevated to the forefront, members of this network are now part of our Environmental committee tasked with creating and executing our firmwide environmental goals.

Those goals include establishing baseline data, forming facility and event standards, adopting educational curricula, and exploring ways to reduce our travel carbon footprint. It’s one step, but one step in the right direction.

Driving sustainability at Baker Tilly

Driving sustainability at Baker Tilly

Consulting manager Duygu “DC” Celik is a co-leader in Baker Tilly’s Environmental Sustainability team member network and uses her civil and environmental engineering skills to build a renewable energy utility for an off-grid community in Alaska.