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Driving sustainability at Baker Tilly

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts are driven by our passionate team members and woven into the work we do with our clients and communities.

Energy resilience for communities

Driving sustainability at Baker Tilly

Consulting Manager Duygu “DC” Celik specializes in renewable energy. She’s using her master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering to assist a group of villages north of the Arctic Circle in creating a framework for a renewable energy utility. The off-grid community depends on diesel generators for power, and DC and her team in Energy and Utilities are helping develop a sustainable and reliable utility service.

DC is also working with the Metlakatla Indian Community to improve its energy resilience with the help of renewable energy. Situated on an island off the coast of mainland Alaska, the community depends on hydroelectric power, but climate change has strained essential reservoirs, leading to soaring costs and an increased dependence on diesel fuel. Working with wind engineers, DC traveled to the island and helped install measurement devices to determine the feasibility of wind power generation.

Team members for sustainability

Complementing her client work, DC is also a co-founder of the Environmental Sustainability Team Member Network, an internal group committed to embracing more environmentally sustainable practices at Baker Tilly.

The network leads monthly challenges and events to share ways to live more sustainably like eliminating the use of single-use plastics, reducing food waste and choosing greener ways to commute.

Our annual Stewardship Week provides a collective opportunity for our people to volunteer in support of causes they are passionate about. Team members support events that help enrich and improve the environment, like restoring beaches, planting trees and removing trash from waterways.