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Helping business executives make better decisions

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Public and private companies appreciate the depth of our understanding of how business works, both within and across industries. Combined with our truly global approach, responsive structure and independence, this gives us a real edge in providing value-added services to our corporate clients.

Corporate consulting

We leverage our wide experience to help corporate clients make better decisions and respond to official inquiries. For example, we apply predictive customer analytics to generate greater returns on investment; we prepare financial analyses for clients who are subject to economic regulation; and we help clients answer government inquiries in regulated areas such as healthcare.

Crisis claims consulting

The time-critical nature of events in the complex area of crisis management and product recall creates a real sense of urgency.  Instead of the potentially drawn-out claim process which may result in a conflict-prone two-party review, Baker Tilly is included in the insurance policy as an approved single source provider of claims advice and financial review to the policyholder and insurer.  

Forensic investigation

In-house and external counsel as well as in-house compliance professionals engage us to investigate and quantify events and evaluate risk. Our forensic technologies enable us to efficiently query and analyze large data sets. We apply these technologies in tandem with our forensic accounting expertise to conduct anti-corruption, asset tracing, fraud and related work and to design stronger internal controls.

Transaction advisory

Our sophisticated skill base, extensive experience and genuine involvement of senior professionals position us as a leading player in transaction advisory services. We deliver a wide range of services, from conducting due diligence and providing financial opinions to fulfilling merger and acquisition mandates for middle market clients.

Cyber consulting

Reliance on the internet and networked technologies creates greater exposure for businesses through accidental or malicious manipulation of data, theft, computer fraud and cyber attacks. We are skilled in evaluating and understanding cyber losses and quantifying the economic impact. We review the cause of a cyber breach, the investigation reports and the extent of any damage to data and evaluate options to mitigate any ongoing problems or losses.