Group of diverse team members meet together to share updates

Baker Tilly Wishes supports housing in Los Angeles and meal delivery in Pennsylvania

Team members Cathleen Bucholtz and David Black are helping uplift communities. Their nominations earned $10,000 grants for two vital organizations. 

Fostering hope in Southern California

Fostering hope in Southern California

There are nearly 70,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County. 

Cathleen Bucholtz, partner and national Unclaimed Property practice leader, volunteers with Hope the Mission – an organization that offers long-term housing for those in need.  

“I can’t think of better people or a better organization to address this crisis,” Cathleen said.  

Hope the Mission started in San Fernando Valley and now operates 19 homeless shelters throughout Los Angeles County.  

Each resident receives three meals a day, as well as job opportunities and training.  

Cathleen and her husband Robert first volunteered to prepare meals for Hope the Mission shelters; She now serves on their Finance Committee. The couple also hosts birthday parties for children within the shelters once a month.  

“We order cake and pizzas, prepare goodie bags, and invite all the children and their families so they can play together,” she said. “These birthday parties are a great opportunity for the kids to feel special while gathering and socializing in a safe space.”  

The $10,000 Baker Tilly Wishes grant contributed to the opening of their new shelter (pictured left) in Woodland Hills, California.  

The power of a hot meal and a friendly face 

The power of a hot meal and a friendly face

David Black, senior specialist on our Client Accounting Services team in Consulting, has served as treasurer for Meals on Wheels of New Castle for over six years. He's passionate about making a positive impact in his local community.   

“My kids are grown up and I have a lot more time on my hands, so I thought, ‘what better way to use my time than to give back?’” David said.  

Since its first delivery in 1970, Meals on Wheels of New Castle has delivered hot food to clients Monday through Friday. The organization serves roughly 100 people, many of whom are physically unable to prepare food themselves.  

All are welcome to participate in the program, and funding is sourced from a combination of donations, client payments and corporate partnerships.  

The volunteer delivery drivers also perform wellness checks, which David said are just as impactful as the delivery of a hot meal.  

“I can’t tell you how happy the Meals on Wheels board was when we received the grant — it’ll help us go the extra mile for even more people,” David said.