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2022 Annual Report

Baker Tilly Imprints | Annual Report

Making our mark now, for tomorrow

Going there starts here

In 2022, we forged new paths. And the imprints we made got us to new destinations. These imprints aren’t set in stone. They will wear away as the tides of change demand new thinking, new technology and new ways to “go there” for us and our clients.

Our annual report is a look back and a look ahead. It’s a point in time and a foundation for the future. We mark where we’ve been, because when you’re creating the advisory CPA firm of the future, today, every step matters.

Forging our path

Baker Tilly CEO, Alan Whitman

Running a business today isn’t what it used to be. It’s more complex. Hyperconnected. Unexpected.

The usual suspects are still there, but now they’re even more pronounced due to globalization, geopolitical tensions and new-to-market players. Add to that inflation; environmental, social and governance (ESG) scrutiny; labor shortages; and employees’ redrawn boundaries between work and home and it’s the perfect storm.

Whatever their size or industry, organizations everywhere are experiencing unrelenting pressure to digitally transform. And there’s no hiding the fact that alternative capital is accelerating the pace of business reinvention.

I am proud of the way Baker Tilly continues to pre-empt and respond to these global headwinds and take advantage of tailwinds. Guided by our strategy, our ability to successfully navigate is by design, not accident.

Being relevant and sustainable — for our people, to our clients and in our profession — is an underlying anchor that challenges us to think and act differently. Our strategy requires that we successfully run our business while, at the same time, reinventing it.

And we’re doing just that.

In 2022, we declared our intention to go there. To unleash and amplify talent. To break the mold of public accounting. To transform our workplace, workweek and work itself.

We are grateful for our clients’ confidence and trust in us and for our people’s energy and commitment. 2023 ushers in a great deal to be excited about. We won’t just keep pace. We’ll set it anew.

-Alan Whitman, CEO