What customer experience are you providing?

A recent study analyzing social media postings showed that 78% of a company’s posting had nothing to do with the product or service provided by the company, but rather the experience that was associated with the product or service. Leading companies understand this, and are now effectively differentiating themselves by creating and managing the whole customer experience.

Too many companies today are so concerned about their products that they leave the customer experience up to happenstance. Some companies even believe that the market place is too fluid, and customers too fickle to successfully design and execute an experience. However, more and more understand that not only can experiences be designed, but customers are expecting an intentional experience (think the Apple Store). This trend is seeping steadily into the B2B space as well.

In this webinar, you will learn the key concepts of customer experience management, including:

  • How to evaluate customer experience options
  • What design thinking is and how does it apply to customer experiences
  • How you can leverage technology to support the customer experience
  • What improvement model allows you to adjust your customer experiences as the customers’ expectations change

Find out how progressive companies today understand what experience your customers are expecting, how to design an experience, and how to track the impact of the experience.

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