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Vulnerability management: What could it look like at your organization?

Understanding every vulnerability or security risk within your organization’s environment may seem like a difficult undertaking. With the right approach however, the task is manageable. Today, data breaches are occurring at a record pace and organizations are becoming more cognizant of the vulnerability management program they have in place to combat these risks.

The discussion in this webinar focuses on how your organization can keep up-to-date on IT security vulnerabilities that could pose significant risk to your IT environment and how to control security risks.

Listen to Baker Tilly cybersecurity specialists to learn how vulnerabilities are exploited and what your organization should be doing to identify and remediate them. More importantly, learn about overall vulnerability management and what it could look like at your organization.

Key learning objectives

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify various types of vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited
  • Determine what type of scanning, monitoring, and patching is best for your environment and IT complexity
  • Effectively and efficiently track and remediate known vulnerabilities through a vulnerability remediation management program

Who should attend?

Senior management, IT professionals in charge of overseeing or managing IT security, IT Audit professionals

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