Baker Tilly has been providing clients with Utility Financial Management Reports (“FMRs”) service for more than a decade. These reports provide decision makers integral data about their utility’s financial health and future rate sustainability. As with any great service, there is a need for innovation. For FMRs, that time is now.

Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors is rolling out FMRs 2.0 to better serve our clients. The content of the reports is similar to the past, but the presentation is an updated, fresh look that incorporates more summary tables, data charts and graphs. The result: reports that are easier to read and understand. Those who aren’t “numbers people” will more easily take away the valuable information the reports were designed to convey.  The finished product is something we believe provides clients an encompassing picture of their utility health and provides key takeaways to decision makers. All in a report that takes only 10-15 minutes to read.

If your municipality is interested in learning more about FMRs 2.0 please contact us.

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