Managing federal funding

Tribal staff augmentation services

Tribes are struggling to keep up with managing the amount of new federal funding coming out through the various relief acts passed by the U.S. Congress. This influx of one-time funding has caused a significant strain on the resources responsible for program management, funding administration and ensuring compliance, among countless other processes and procedures. Time is of the essence for tribes to put this funding to work to provide much needed relief to members in order to address immediate needs and prepare for long-term prosperity.

Tribes are tapped out in regards to available personnel. In addition, making one-time investments in personnel with the skillsets required to manage a one-time influx of funding is not conducive to the timeline needed to manage this funding. They need knowledgeable staff, now.

Nimble, detail-oriented team

We understand the staff constraints tribes have and can provide a nimble, remote workforce that can be flexed to the size you need, when you need it. We have also provided on-site resources to our clients, depending on the needs and desires of the tribe.

With more than 4,000 client-serving professionals, we have the bench strength to create capacity in a flexible situation. With our team of financial and compliance professionals, we have the detail and knowledge of the various stimulus programs, compliance requirements and tribal nuances to assist your tribe.  Our tribal, state and local government practice serves more than 1,000 government entities giving us the experience and depth to handle just about any situation.

We are ready to help support and enhance your existing staff by providing resources to assist with:

  • Pre-award and post-award compliance
  • Grant writing and funding pursuit strategy
  • Procurement support
  • Program or project management
  • Data analysis and budgetary reporting
  • Document and contract review
  • Audit preparation

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