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Transaction readiness for technology companies and startups

Startup Essentials Powered by Baker Tilly

In the first episode of our five-episode series, Startup Essentials Powered by Baker Tilly, partner Justin Turner discusses the importance for software and technology and other startup businesses to plan ahead and be diligent in keeping financials in order to make a successful exit.

  • Best practices to keep in mind when considering potential buyers
  • What outside investors are looking for in the financial diligence process
  • Using financial key performance indicators (KPIs) to tell a story for your business
  • How to communicate data effectively and avoid hang-ups during the transaction cycle

Startup Essentials Powered by Baker Tilly

Startup Essentials series overview
Startup essentials for the technology market
Startup Essentials, episode 2
Startup Essentials accounting automation
Justin Turner
Chase Murphy
Zak Everson
Alexandra Missildine
Brian Nichols

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