Top five keys to successful market entry and access

Real-world strategies and tools to get results

The pressure to achieve market access success for commercial life science organizations has never been higher as the need to demonstrate tangible clinical and cost-effectiveness grows. In addition to demonstrating a product’s value to all stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem, life sciences organizations must also focus their attention on maximizing product adoption and reimbursement.

For most life science companies with new innovations, few are well positioned for success prior to receiving regulatory approval. This often leads to an organization executing integral market access activities after a product is approved. To increase the likelihood of market access success, life science organizations must develop a proactive strategic plan that not only increases odds of success, but also mitigates detrimental challenges.

Listen to Baker Tilly’s on-demand, informative webinar that discusses the changing factors contributing to market access success and case studies that reinforce the points being made. Our team of Value Architects™ discuss:

  • important challenges faced by emergent biopharma/medical device companies
  • why it is important to develop a market access strategy
  • what is required for companies to effectively plan a successful product launch
  • what tools and sources can be leveraged cost-effectively

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