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Top 5 considerations when searching for candidates in a tight labor market

The labor market continues to be much tighter than recruiters and hiring managers are accustomed to. With the current economic conditions, it can be challenging to recruit and hire candidates in a timely manner. We’ve put together our top five considerations when searching for candidates in today’s market:

1. Be proactive.

To attract top talent in today’s environment, you must express your interest in them early in their job search. This provides the opportunity to start building and nurturing that relationship and increases the chance of a successful hire. Do not hesitate to initiate a conversation with a solid potential candidate.

2. Be responsive.

Staying connected with your candidates and responding in a timely manner during the recruitment process only enhances your chances of keeping them interested. Providing the candidate with updates on their status throughout the entire process will build trust and dependability.

3. Engage all stakeholders.

Set specific times when all decision-makers can meet and decide on candidates to speed up the hiring process. Time efficiency is key in avoiding losing top talent to other opportunities.

4. Keep an open mind.

Do not be quick to eliminate candidates with different experiences than what you typically look for. Try searching for similarities and potential in each candidate’s experiences and skills. You may find these candidates may fit in best with your company and provide room for growth.

5. Create an active recruiting pipeline.

Take time in your day to search for talent that could fill both current and future job openings to keep you ahead of the recruiting process. Keep note of standout candidates, and do not hesitate to reach out to them as soon as a job opening becomes available.

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