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A recovering and expanding economy over the last decade has made the job market generally favorable for job seekers, and more challenging for employers of all types that are trying to find qualified candidates.

Employers also face a significant generational issue – baby boomers are retiring and millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. Younger generations, however, may have different expectations and demands from an employer, and may be more likely to change jobs frequently in a search for challenging roles and better work/life integration.

An employer’s techniques for searching, sourcing, and understanding the potential labor market may be outdated, which can limit an organization’s ability to fill open positions or expand.

Key takeaways:
  • Why the current job market is so favorable for job seekers
  • Strategies to align organization stakeholders on best practices for finding qualified candidates
  • Techniques to raise the image and desirability of hard-to-fill positions such as in the public sector and the trades
  • How to align your workforce today to prepare for succession issues tomorrow
  • Why workplace culture and diversity are so important for job seekers

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