The new reality mandates change in the automotive supply chain

The new reality mandates change in the automotive supply chain

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Over the years, the automotive supply chain has experienced a variety of demand patterns - from the production of millions of common vehicles with similar features and functions to today, where highly specialized vehicles are tailored to the specific tastes of individual consumers.

Due to the emergence of modern electronic commerce, the ability for manufacturers to configure vehicles for all levels of consumer income and preference is now a requirement and a reality.

Listen to Bill Hampton, Editor-in-Chief at AutoBeat Daily, and the Baker Tilly variable manufacturing team as they take in-depth look into the impact that today’s automotive experience and consumer preference, and variable- and configuration-based manufacturing and delivery will have on your business strategies. Learn about modern cloud business systems you need to enable variable manufacturing and your strategic vision.

For more information on this topic, or to learn how Baker Tilly’s manufacturing management enablement consultants can help, contact our team.

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