Case Study

Technology solutions for local government

Case Study

Technology solutions for local government

LOGIS is a quasi-public member-based consortium of forty Minnesota local government units providing a full array of information technology services.

The business need

The purpose of LOGIS is to provide effective, reliable and adaptable technology solutions to Minnesota public agencies through the sharing of ideas, risks, resources and costs in a cooperative partnership that evolves with agencies. The LOGIS Executive Committee engaged Baker Tilly to facilitate a strategic positioning plan to ensure technology solutions offered are supporting changing municipal government needs.

The Baker Tilly approach and solution

Baker Tilly established a detailed course of action to ensure that LOGIS is positioned to be nimble in meeting changes in member expectations and needs. The scope of services included:

  1. Facilitated several member input processes aimed to identify emerging issues, current expectations and areas of concern (400 survey responses, 15 focus groups, and over 25 internal interviews);
  2. Facilitated critical discussions with the Board’s Executive Committee and LOGIS management staff to gain clarity around Vision and Strategy;
  3. Developed key strategic priorities in response to the emerging economic challenges and based on articulated member expectations and Executive Committee directives;
  4. Synthesized key actions into strategic priorities and critical initiatives focusing on both internal and external action steps to position LOGIS for the future;
  5. Identification of key management and operational framework enhancements within LOGIS operations;
  6. Developed detailed implementation steps;
  7. Created a clear value proposition and proactively positioned LOGIS to fully articulate the ROI of LOGIS membership.

Business result

As a result of the project, LOGIS was not only able to retain several members contemplating a departure, but also gained additional membership from two large Twin Cities government entities and four other members. Additionally, LOGIS gained membership acceptance of their cost allocation methodology, prioritized and enhanced the value-add of LOGIS staff resource allocations, and updated their website and value proposition approach.

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