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Sustainable cybersecurity management: why it is critical to review your program now

Cybersecurity is one of the most urgent topics of executive leadership and boards of directors. Almost daily there are new stories about data breaches affecting millions of customer records, payment card data, personal health information, and loss of intellectual property or trade secrets. Organizations dealing with cybersecurity not only need to focus on thwarting hackers to prevent disruptions, but they must be proactive in building a sustainable cybersecurity management program – one that can adapt to evolving threats and remain aligned to the organization’s culture and objectives.

Key takeaways

  • Provided an overview of the latest cybersecurity developments and how the risk landscape is changing
  • Conducted a practical walk through of the five core elements of a sustainable cybersecurity program
  • Discussed key insights on cybersecurity program effectiveness and sustainability for executive leadership, management and boards

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Service Organization Controls (SOC) exam updates