In a recent FedPubs webinar, Baker Tilly government contractor advisors outlined best practices for audit preparation. Apply the follow tips to successfully complete your next audit: 

  1. Request an entrance conference to agree upon the audit scope and objectives, establish a request protocol, and introduce the team members who will be working the auditors
  2. Ensure that the audit scope is well defined
  3. Clearly establish expectations
  4. Be responsive to audit requests and ensure that all information and responses to the auditors has been reviewed, is well understood, and is tracked so that it can be referred to later
  5. Request an exit conference upon completion of the audit/review to formally close out the audit/review process and ensure that all requests have been adequately addressed
  6. Request a high-level explanation of any auditor concerns to begin proactively addressing these issues
  7. Determine when the audit report will be issued and whether or not the company will be granted the opportunity to review the draft report

The Baker Tilly team also discussed various types of GSA audits, their focus, and the specific information being reviewed. For more information on this topic, or to request a copy of the presentation, connect with us.

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