Case Study

Successful ERP system re-implementation meets the needs of rapidly expanding IT services provider

Our client’s need

A large, IT services government contractor needed to redesign Deltek Costpoint to improve business efficiencies and optimize reporting capabilities. They wished to achieve this by streamlining and restructuring their pillar data (accounts, orgs, and projects).

Baker Tilly solution

  • Assisted in the project management of the initiative, transfer project, and employee history through database scripting.
  • Developed the re-implementation project plan that covered End-to-End Testing through Go-Live tasks
  • Identified all Costpoint tables involved in storing historical project and employee data
  • Developed SQL scripts to execute the data conversion
  • Assisted with the validation of End-to-End and Go-Live tasks and provided guidance on best practices

Results achieved

The contractor was able to successfully assign new IDs to pillar data elements. Additionally, the contractor was able to successfully transfer project and employee history to the newly created ID’s. With Baker Tilly’s assistance, the contractor successfully completed a one year initiative within an accelerated four month timeline.

Client approves construction project progress
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