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Strength of two – Talent strategy and modern technology

Great businesses and workforces aren't the result of hope and good intentions. The best organizations are linking people strategy to business strategy. They engage all of their workers. They have integrated talent and HR technologies. And, they function with speed, clarity and consistency.

Join Brian Sommer, HR Technology Analyst, and Ann Blakely, Human Capital Consulting Leader, as they discuss the strategies, technologies and processes that great organizations use to get the best business results from the people they make successful.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize how your workforce has fundamentally changed
  • Review the key indicators that your organization is in need of new talent management processes
  • Determine the best path for linking the needs of your organization to the workforce that will fulfill those needs
  • Understand the role of modern technology in engaging and retaining your critical talent
Ann E. Blakely
Managing Partner
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