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Use IT to your advantage

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As technology continues to become more complex, mobile, and remote, auditors should be including IT as part of all audit work. This IT webinar discusses:

  • IT audit 101, overview of IT audit, its importance, and highlight methods for incorporating IT areas into your audits
  • Purpose of IT risk assessment and how you may execute and leverage the results
  • When and how to engage an IT specialist (whether an IT auditor, on-campus IT practitioner, IT consultant)

What to watch out for: Recent research settlements and audit focus areas

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This session described the settlements and discussed potential steps your institutions could take to mitigate the risk of similar findings. During the webinar the presenters:

  • Presented examples of recent settlements between research universities and the federal government.
  • Identified the compliance aspect involved and control gaps present in each example.
  • Reinforced audit tips for the compliance areas included and provided "food for thought" for universities related to research administration risks.

Conflicts and effort and exports, oh my!

Auditing for compliance in research webinar 

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In addition to reviewing costs charged to sponsored awards against the AARC test, research activities also present a host of other compliance concerns that should be monitored and audited. This session covered some of the more common and/or scrutinized compliance concerns an auditor may encounter, including:

  • Describing the research-related compliance areas and identifying the regulations that apply to each.
  • Identifying common issues and concerns with each compliance area.
  • Providing audit tips and techniques for auditing each compliance area.

You bought what!?!?

Auditing complex cost areas in research webinar

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Use IT to your advantage