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The pandemic wreaked havoc across every industry, and companies in the manufacturing and mobility/transportation sectors were not spared. The result? Companies are re-evaluating their supply chains and operations in a post-COVID environment. Both domestic and foreign companies with operations abroad are realigning their supply chains and moving operations closer to the U.S. in order to strategically position themselves for growth.

In this article for Area Development, Thane Hutcheson's note that companies are taking a long, hard look at their supply chain and logistics, and rethinking where they do business to lay the groundwork for the post-pandemic surge in growth — and mitigate their exposure to disruption. It’s critical to consider a number of key factors in scouting sites and planning facilities — factors such as a deep pool of trained and qualified labor. Undertaking this analysis will provide companies with a clearer view as to what to consider in the months to come to position your company for growth. Access the article for more.

Thane J. Hutcheson