Sell-side advisory to a beer distributor

Baker Tilly Capital successfully completed the sale of H&M Distributing Company, a beer distributor headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin to Frank Beer Distributors of Middleton, Wisconsin. The transaction stemmed from the joint venture of Miller Coors.

H&M Distributing Company's president, George Colletti, purchased the company in 1972 and constructed H&M's building in 1980. Two additions brought the building up to 55,000 square feet, which allowed H&M to maintain an average of 125,000 cases and 6,000 kegs of beer in the warehouse. In addition to Miller, other products distributed by H&M included Leinenkugel's, Heineken, Labatt, and Peroni beers and Boylan's root beer and sodas. The company provided weekly service to more than 1,000 retailers in Wisconsin.

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