Chefs in a modern ghost kitchen

Restaurants take a bite of the future with ghost kitchens

By: David Foster, Foster and Associates Restaurant and Hospitality Consultants

Restaurant owners have had to pivot their business model during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep up with a changing supply chain, consumer demand and adhering to health regulations to keep their employees and guests safe. Many restaurateurs have shifted to take out or delivery only, reducing the need for a traditional dining area. Developing a ghost kitchen, a conventional restaurant without the dining area, might be the solution for restaurants that are struggling to stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment. As we continue to adapt to life with COVID-19, restaurant owners should examine if shifting their business model to a ghost kitchen could help them sustain and possibly grow in the future.

Read more for insights on today’s restaurant environment and the values a ghost kitchen could provide as you work to maintain your operations.

About the author

David Foster is a seasoned restaurant and hospitality consultant. For questions, contact him on his website.

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