Real estate outlook 2020: Trends and opportunities

Healthy market conditions in Houston and throughout the country have led to continued strength in the commercial real estate market. During this time of marketplace expansion, portfolio management remains important to optimizing your real estate property. The elements and sub-elements of your real estate portfolio need to be tailored and adjusted to meet investor objectives and adapt to market conditions. Given today’s conditions – and talks of a possible economic slowdown – what strategies should be used to help ensure efficient use of capital and continued opportunities to maximize investments?

Baker Tilly leaders Roger Ledbetter, Thane Hutcheson and Brent Maier were joined by Houston real estate industry specialists Sonya Rosenbach, CFO with Allied Orion Group, and Rene Joubert, principal with i3, for a panel discussion on real estate industry trends and opportunities with the Houston Business Journal. Topics discussed include:

  • Recent trends in the real estate market
  • Minimizing exposure of assets and taking advantage of opportunities during economic uncertainty 
  • Best practices for Opportunity Zones
  • Real estate portfolio shifts
  • Attracting tenants to properties
  • Overlooked funding sources

Read the full panel here.

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