Web-based workflow apps for critical business processes – when you can’t be in the office

With the coronavirus forcing businesses to minimize interactions between people, and with many employees concerned about or simply unable to report to work, some key business processes may be at risk. If your business processes are paper-based or rely on faxes and you are struggling to support adoption of a remote workforce, contact us to discuss how we can help.

These are highly uncertain times and your organization needs to adapt to the changing times - fast. A development time period of months is not going to help when your employees can’t come into the office this week. We are ready to help and to work at the pace you need right now.

We’ll collaborate with your team members who are engaged in the day-to-day business to understand your business processes and the tools used.

Then we rapidly develop simple apps to shift critical business workflows to an online, cloud-based environment. Accessible through a browser or a mobile phone the apps will meet the same business need without physical paper and the need for anyone to be in your office.

Whether it is obtaining a photo of a shipment, issuing a manifest or work order, receiving information from your suppliers or just taking a customer  order, we rapidly build prototypes that work and roll those out to your team. This is done in days or weeks, not months, and we interface our apps with your IT systems, as needed (i.e., Rest API, .csv download or automatically interfacing with your ERP through robotic process automation). 

A few examples

An agricultural company needed livestock projections that normally arrived via fax. With key staff unable to come into the office, the company’s ability to forecast production was at risk. Over the course of a week, we developed a simple tool, accessible through any internet browser, that allowed producers to forecast their production using a familiar form but without the need for paper or physical interactions. Once rolled out by webinar, producers could report their projections to corporate staff without anyone setting foot in an office.

Many businesses take orders almost exclusively in person. With sales professionals prohibited from visiting key customers, this is an obvious challenge, and over-the-phone orders often increase error rates. By building a simple interface where customers can directly order and reorder items, companies can continue to receive orders, customers have increased visibility into their ordering and sales reps are freed from tedious order entry.

If being outside the office has constrained or stopped processes that are integral to your business operations, talk with Baker Tilly. For more information, please contact us and let us help you make the short-term changes to keep your business operating during physical distancing.

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