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Ramp up your employees' career development with Oracle Grow

With the release of Oracle Grow your employees now have a much better place to implement a plan for career development.

In a rapidly changing world, investing in employee growth continues to pay off. Training and education can help strengthen the internal talent pipeline, improve performance and increase engagement. Baker Tilly and Oracle can help your organization prioritize your employee’s development in order to amplify success.

Consolidate all areas of career development within Oracle HCM into one place

Oracle Grow, the latest addition to Oracle ME (my experience), brings together the areas of careers of interest, learning, skills/competencies and skills and qualifications pages into a single experience making it easier for employees to grow their career, receive guidance on skill development and identify relevant learning opportunities. By engaging in features such as learning, employees can develop skills that will allow them to advance their career – while strengthening talent within the organization. Employees can also use Oracle Grow to receive help from others with their career development, creating an engaging and collaborative environment. A platform focused on growing employee skills and identifying professional development opportunities can increase employee retention and foster a culture of belonging and success, which in turn can decrease hiring costs and employment gaps.

Oracle Grow and the current hiring environment

All employers are feeling the impact from the war on talent. Millennials and Generation Z workers are far more interested in developing their own career versus previous generations who were accustomed to a more rigid career path with less emphasis on career exploration. As more continue to enter the workforce, the outcome is the need for a product that seamlessly brings together career development experiences and collaboration in HCM, along with an organizational goal of increased employee retention.


Oracle Grow is an employee-focused interface intended to address an individual’s career development. As it brings all parts of an employee’s career development together, it is much easier for them to develop their skills. With the integration between Dynamic Skills and Oracle Learning Cloud, employees can identify where they need to fine tune their expertise and discover learning courses to enable career progression.

Leverage the investments you have made

Oracle Grow does not require you to purchase a new SKU (stock keeping unit) for HCM. Instead, it leverages parts of the system that already exist, while its new user interface brings together learning, talent management and core HR features into a single place. Oracle Grow leverages job profiles, skills or competencies, learning courses, learning outcomes, skills and qualifications and career development.

Requirements to implement

In order to implement Oracle Grow, the organization must also be implementing or live with Oracle Learning Cloud. It is recommended for organizations to also implement job profiles, competencies and skills and qualifications. This allows the employee to determine what is required for them to move along in their career.

In a competitive world, digital learning opportunities can help employee growth and retention. Are you taking advantage of what Oracle Learning Cloud has to offer?

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