Authored by Cory Callaghan, Peter Pearce, Eddie Mulford, Erich Bergen

Self-driving autonomous vehicles, once thought to be science fiction, stand on the verge of becoming a feature of ordinary. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will transform the automotive industry and its broader ecosystem of suppliers. Many of the underpinnings and relationships that have shaped the industry are about to undergo massive change – and some longtime players and suppliers in the traditional automotive sector may disappear due to the disruption.

This e-book is designed to help companies better understand the shifts that are going on now in AV and those that will gain momentum over the next decade. The report consists of four parts:

  1. ABCs of AVs: Understanding autonomous driving and where we are on the road to AVs
  2. Factors driving AVs: The trends behind the shift towards autonomous driving, the timing and the safety needs it meets
  3. Key technologies: The players, the technologies and hardware and software suppliers – the effect on the powertrain plus potential and the implications of autonomous driving to cybersecurity
  4. The use cases: Food and grocery delivery, specialized transport and parcel shipping

Revved up with the knowledge of AVs, your company can begin to determine how best to optimize their operations for the current and future AV space.

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