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Public and social media data risks: Protecting your organization from hackers

Every organization unwittingly provides valuable attack data to hackers. Hackers obtain this data from public, open sources such as social media and use the data to launch a determined attack with the goal of installing malware or committing fraud. 

Baker Tilly’s cybersecurity specialists provided an overview on how hackers can use social media and other publicly available information against your organization. The discussion also highlighted key methods to assess one’s overall exposure, determine vulnerabilities, and help reduce an organization’s attack surface. 

Key takeaways

  • Describe the new cyber threat landscape including how hackers can target and harness social media information from employees, brands, institutions, vendors, customers, and executives to carry out attacks and commit fraud
  • Identify and assess vulnerabilities in publicly available data
  • Leverage key controls and technologies to conduct proactive attack scenarios
  • Apply new insights to safeguard sensitive information and leading practices to educate your organization

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