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Effective market access strategies are the secret sauce for achieving gateways to customer adoption of your products. However, health plans often invoke prior authorizations on products for which they do not have outright positive coverage – and with a larger volume of specialty products and diagnostic procedures, life sciences organizations are facing prior authorizations for their products at an increasing rate. This additional step in product coverage poses severe challenges in getting these innovative products into the hands of patients and related challenges in reimbursement. So, how can organizations better prepare to handle this new volume of prior authorizations to ensure high levels of market access?

Listen to Baker Tilly’s and the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs’ (ACMA) on-demand, informative session that discusses the challenges occurring in market access with a focus on prior authorizations and steps organizations can take to strategically address them through enhancement initiatives, accreditation measures and training programs. Our team of Value Architects™ discuss:

  • How proper organizational preparedness and open conversation around prior authorizations can improve market access and reimbursement of an organization’s products
  • How organizations can empower their field force and customers to successfully navigate prior authorizations
  • How the certified training of the field force can help to build value and trust

For more information on this topic, or to learn how Baker Tilly’s Value Architects™ can help, contact our team.

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