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Next level roads program, part 1

In 2017 the State announced a 20-year program to begin implementing projects aimed at improving the condition of the State’s roads and bridges.  The State released a plan for INDOT projects to be completed during the first five years. The program contains the following projects:

  • $5.1 billion in total investment
  • 122 lane miles added
  • 9,628 lane miles resurfaced
  • 1,295 bridges rehabbed or replaced

The five year projects are all approved, scheduled and fully funded which creates an opportunity for local projects to be completed concurrently with the INDOT projects to take advantage of construction conditions that exist and allow for local projects to be done at the least cost possible as well as minimize the number of disruptions.

If your community would like to explore working concurrently with INDOT as it proceeds with its projects, you should contact the local INDOT district office and/or your Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

In the next part of this series, we will further explore the next level roads program and how developing an asset management plan can aid in combining multiple projects together to save money and minimize disruptions.

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