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Life sciences, medical device and pharmaceutical organizations are continuing to adapt to the new pressures and complexities brought about by COVID-19. While some companies have experience dealing with government contracts and grants, many organizations are starting to navigate federal funding compliance requirements for the first time to support the elimination of the coronavirus. Life sciences organizations are also contemplating permanent disruptions to commercialization by searching for alternate methods to field-based promotion and education practices, product sampling, and healthcare organization (HCO) engagement.

Listen to our on-demand webinar to learn how life sciences organizations are navigating COVID-19 and adapting to the new normal. Our team of Value Architects™ discuss:

  • How life sciences companies have been impacted by, but at the same time, supporting the eradication of the coronavirus pandemic
  • How to document and prepare for an audit when receiving funding from the federal government in the form of contracts or grants
  • Understanding the potential realization of  and considerations for executing field promotion in the post COVID-19
  • How to establish virtual and passive methods of commercialization effectiveness

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