Case Study

MWBE, SBE, and DBE integrity monitoring for a large municipality’s school district modernization program

Our client’s need

A large municipality enacted a program to renovate several schools in the district as well as construct new schools. As part of funding requirements, the municipality had to adhere to certain diversity requirements when awarding contracts. These requirements included minimums for contract awards to minority and women business enterprises (MWBEs), disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE), and small business enterprises (SBE), as well as requirements for prime contractors’ hiring of diverse employees.

Baker Tilly solution

The municipality engaged Baker Tilly to examine and monitor the implementation of the diversity plan. To accomplish our objectives, Baker Tilly used digital systems, analytical procedures, controls, and processes designed to ensure that contractors were adhering to diversity goals. Baker Tilly verified all information with respect to participation of eligible business enterprises and the of the workforce diversity goals.

Results achieved

Engagement is ongoing. Baker Tilly continues to review documents, to reach out to prime contractors and subcontractors, and to ensure compliance with the diversity plan. 

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