MACRA readiness - Baker Tilly methodology

Authored by David Gregory

Baker Tilly recommends every practitioner and provider in the country think about the following four-pronged approach to make sure you’re optimizing your performance within this important reform program.

The first of the prongs is a financial readiness assessment around the MACRA programs and the models we’ve talked about. The second prong of the approach is an operations assessment to really look in the mirror and assess your practice with regard to its ability to administer and manage some of the requirements of this important program. Third, you need to perform a gap analysis (whether with a third party or yourself) of the opportunities for improvement that have been identified so you can flourish within this program. Lastly, a strategic roadmap needs to be laid out with very specific details around moving forward to optimize your practice performance within this program.

Baker Tilly implores providers to prioritize MACRA readiness as a key strategic objective in 2017 and moving forward. This is a disruptive program that requires resources to be dedicated to be sure you’re part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Baker Tilly's exclusive interview with Peterson Companies
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Baker Tilly's exclusive interview with Peterson Companies