Lending services and technology provider launches formal member experience innovation program

Client background

A leading provider of lending services and technology solutions to more than 1,100 credit unions to generate loans, create efficiencies and grow their membership.  

The business challenge

The company takes pride in its strong reputation for innovation and productive collaboration with the credit unions it serves. To build on that key differentiator, they wanted to launch a formal member experience innovation program.

  • Buy-in – The company needed support internally for a formal member experience innovation program, as well as buy-in from its credit union partners.
  • Structured Methodology – The company wanted to share a structured methodology and approach to member experience innovation that its employees and credit union partners could embrace and use going forward.
  • Education – Both its employees and its credit union partners needed to be educated on the power of member experience innovation. They needed a structured way to document and improve upon the auto-buying member journey.

The Baker Tilly approach

  • Current State Analysis – Surveyed the company’s credit union partners’ executives. Analyzed the data and identified the top concerns and most important trends affecting the credit unions’ lending business.
  • Innovation Workshop – Hosted an innovation workshop (a collaborative brainstorming session) to discuss the top concerns identified in the current state analysis. Participants in the innovation workshop represented employees from a variety of levels and departments of the company and its credit union partners.
  • Innovation Toolkit – Taught participants how to use the tools in our proprietary innovation toolkit workbook to successfully lead innovation workshops and initiatives within their organizations.
  • Prioritization List – Combined all similar ideas generated during the innovation workshop and created a prioritized list of all the ideas.

Business impact

  • The company gained support for selected innovation initiatives, both internally and from its credit union partners.
  • The company now has a structured methodology for conducting innovation workshops with its credit union partners.
  • Employees and credit union partners are educated on various ideation activities and approaches to innovation and can leverage the tools and processes in the toolkit in future workshops.
  • The company has an actionable list of ideas and enhancements to integrate into its member experience improvement roadmap.

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