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How leaders can help enhance employee performance

Welcome to Irreverent Revenue Cycle, a Healthy Outcomes podcast series from Baker Tilly, where we discuss hot topics around revenue cycle performance in the healthcare industry, innovative ways to solve issues for your organization, and practical tips to take with you as you listen.  

On this episode of Irreverent Revenue Cycle, we discuss how leaders of healthcare provider organizations can create a positive working environment that can help all employees thrive in a variety of different work arrangements. In addition to discussing leadership development skills, this episode discusses how revenue cycle and workflow software can also help enhance employee performance. Topics addressed in the episode include:

  • Developing leadership skills to elevate staff growth
  • Enhancing employee performance through software implementation and process standardization
  • Eliminating external variables to accurately benchmark employee performance

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About the guest

Geneva Schlabach, CEO, Vispa

Geneva Schlabach is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vispa, a revenue cycle management solution company designed to streamline operations and create efficiencies that result in a more stable bottom line for hospitals and health systems.

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